Rats and mice are some of the most persistent and dangerous pests around, carrying disease, eating and contaminating foodstuff and damaging property. They vary in size based on their species, from the smaller house mice (6 – 9 cm long) and the larger Norway rats (18 – 25 cm long).

Rats and mice are omnivores, eat a wide variety of food and can often be found scavenging from food storage areas and garbage. They usually seek shelter in areas that are dark and warm, such as sewers, basements, roofs and debris. 


  • Carry substantial number of diseases of human and livestock, such as hemorrhagic fever, typhus, plague and salmonellosis.
  • Eating and contaminating stored foodstuff with urine, dropping and hairs, which can be highly toxic.
  • Damaging property by chewing through wiring (causing fires), gnawing at woodwork and other parts of building structures.


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