Termite Management

Termites are some of the most destructive pests out there, causing considerable damage that often requires massive repair costs. Termites feed on cellulose, found in wood and cotton, which means an abundant source of food in your home or building. By the time termite attacks are noticed, it often means significant damage has already occurred.

PESTAID offers several types of termite treatments:-

1. Baiting – Utilizing baiting stations setup in the ground around the property, termites will feed upon the baits containing termiticide and share them with other termites in the colony until the entire colony is eliminated.

2. “Transfer-effect” Termiticides – Special non-repellent chemicals are applied to termite-infested areas, where a termite that comes into contact with the chemical unknowingly spreads it to other termites it touches, ultimately spreading the chemical to the entire colony and ensuring its elimination 

3. Pre-construction – Implemented before and during construction, this includes treatment of the foundation and areas around the built-up area. Direct injection of liquid termiticides into the soil as well as application to flooring and walls at various stages of construction is part of this treatment.


Find out how our Exterminex bait eliminates entire termite colonies:

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