Hygiene Service

We understand the many challenges faced in maintaining clean and hygienic facilities and premises, to provide a warm and welcoming experience to your customers as well as a safe and comfortable work environment for your own work staff.

PestAid's range of hygiene services aims to do just that, addressing a wide range of hygiene threats (from germs and bacteria to dust and dirt) for an equally wide range of locations and environments.

Our hygiene products are available as a service (rent/lease) or for outright purchase. Please contact us to find out more or go to 'Our Products' section.


Floor mats - Keep your premises clean and dry with our range of floor mats that trap dirt and moisture. And ensure a safe and comfortable environment with slip-resistant mats that provide better traction. 


Air sterilizers - Eliminate unwanted odors and pollutants with our air sterilizers that are available in wall mounted or portable models.


Dispensers and hand dryers - KFrom paper towels and tissue rolls to soap and disinfectants. 



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