Our commercial O3 air sterilizers are extremely effective at eliminating unwanted odours, smoke and airborne pollutants. O3 is dynamic in its usage as it can reach corners and nooks & crannies that conventional liquids and sprays cannot. It uses a special germicidal ultraviolet lamp to produce ozone (tri-oxygen molecules, O3) that reacts with any airborne or surface pollutants, decimating the pollutants' cell structure and decomposing it back to normal O2 again. 
Our lamps are made in the USA and fitted within attractively-designed stainless steel frames. This device will effectively sanitize, disinfect and refresh any room, building and even vehicle in a very short period of time, giving them a fresh, new smell and feeling once again.

Wall mount units


Portable units



Air sterilizer UV lights (10, 14 & 21 Watts)


Usage guidelines

The table below reflects the recommended device configuration and effective coverage area. This is a guideline to ensure optimum effectiveness of the devices.


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