Flying insects are difficult to control with conventional means and chemicals, with consequences such as spreading illnesses, polluting water and foodstuffs, painful stings and activating allergies. They also have negative impact on businesses, creating unsanitary and unhealthy environments that affect the reputation and leave poor customer impressions, not to mention summonses/fines from government health bodies.

Our range of flying insect control devices provides an ideal solution to this, either electrocuting and killing or trapping these insects. Both types utilize luminous UV-A lighting technology from Japan to attract the insects to the devices, and come in various shapes and designs.

Our best selling fly traps

SS30L | SS30MU | SS30W | SS32T

Electric fly killers (EFK)

Utilizing an electric grid, these devices electrocute and kill insects instantly as they approach the UV-A light. These are extremely effective and ideal for luring away or preventing flying insects from reaching the targeted clean area.



Electric fly traps (EFT)

Utilizing the same UV-A lighting technology, these devices trap the insects in a pheromone-filled glue board that can easily be replaced. These devices are silent and clean, ideal for restaurants and areas for food and beverage preparation. They also operate discreetly as lighting devices as they come in various shapes and designs.






Product test results and usage guidelines

1. The graph below measures the time taken to zap or trap 50% of flies in an area, based on a test conducted to gauge overall effectiveness.


2. The table below reflects the recommended UV-A lighting configuration and effective coverage area based on device placement area. This is a guideline to ensure optimum effectiveness of the devices.




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